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It can be hard to start a business, you have to wear so many different hats such as Finance, Design, Marketing, Sales, HR, Legal, if you aren’t a specialist in all of these areas you can get bogged down with learning how to do it all, rather than concentrating on your own individual strengths and passions. If you are able to look for outside support, it can be hit and miss and can end up costing you more than you would like and can afford.

Did you know between 45% and 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. There are many reasons why this is, but two of the biggest reasons is they run out of money and they don’t have the right team around them.

This is why at Business Ready we are passionate about what we do well; supporting start-ups and scale-ups to grow, enabling you to run your business while we provide the expertise and support to do it right first time, minimising costs.

Each function is covered within the business and this enables you to stop worrying about how to do something and where to go and who to trust and we enable you to start envisioning what your business will do and how big you want it get and how quickly.

We take the stress and worry away from you, we are able to do this as we are experts in our field  not only do we know our stuff, but all of our trusted consultants work together regularly to ensure all bases are covered in our clients businesses, by working in this way you know you can leave us to do the work while you lead the business in the direction you need.

The packages we offer are completely bespoke to you and your business at the time you need us, and you can increase or decrease the time you need to match your requirements.

Perhaps one month you want 10 hours of marketing support and then the next month you only need 2 hours, and require 5 hours of finance, whatever you need we are here.

We guarantee to:

  • Provide services from our trusted team of consultants
  • Be experts in our field
  • Deliver the chosen service in the time agreed
  • Support you and work together to grow your business

We are so confident, that if we don’t do this we will refund you.

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